Carlos and Nahie

Carlos and Nahie

Friday 10pm – Midnight
Presented by Carlos and Nahie

Carlos n Nahie is a music based program that aims to promote music in the urban genre, both from local and international acts. In addition to music, Carlos n Nahie will promote discussion about the urban scene and host interviews with musicians and industry insiders.

Considering the relevance of the urban music genre within the local community’s youth, it is ideal to have a show that connects with the young people of the Fairfield/Liverpool region and to put a positive spin on what influences them.

The fact that Carlos and Nahie are from Latin and Assyrian backgrounds respectively is an important factor to consider since there seems to be a distinct lack of presenters from these backgrounds in the urban pop sector. Carlos and Nahie aim to bring a new, contemporary audience to 2GLF and support the passion of the local community’s youth.


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