The Life Story of the Beatles – Beatlemania


It’s been 50 years since the English rock band ‘The Beatles’ swept the country. The eruption of Beatlemania in Australia was more intense than anywhere in the world. In 1964 for thirteen days the nation was held in excitement, captivated by the talent, the charms, and the songs of the Beatles in their concert. 89.3 2GLF’s Bruce Crofts has put together a thirteen part series looking back on Beatlemania.

Beatles Breakthrough
Brian Epstein manages the Beatles and George Martin becomes the Beatles producer at Abbey Road Studios. The Beatles release their first album “Please Please me” which set the scene for the band in 1963. Later that year they had their big breakthrough with the song “I want to Hold your Hand” which goes to Number 1, and The Beatles 2nd album “With the Beatles”, is released

Beatles Make the Big Screen
It’s 1964, and Beatlemania has arrived. The Beatles star in their first movie – A Hard Day’s Night and the soundtrack to the movie, their third studio album.

Australian Tour Announced; Ringo in Hospital
The tour of Australia begins and Australia prepares for the invasion of the Beatles. Ringo is in hospital with tonsillitis, and drummer Jimmy Nicol replaces Ringo from the tour. Melbourne Promoter, Kenn Brodziak announces to the world and Australia, plans for the forthcoming Beatles tour. Just before tour the band releases “Beatles for Sale”.

Beatlemania Arrives Down Under
The Beatles touch down at Darwin Airport for a stopover on June 11th 1964 starting their 13 day tour of Australia. Tagging along is Australia’s ‘fifth Beatle’ 2SM Disc Jockey, Bob Rogers who touring with the band. The drenched masses camped out all night at Mascot Airport waiting for Beatlemania to arrive – they were ready.

Ringo Makes It
After spending one night in Sydney, the Beatles are greeted in Adelaide by 30,000 screaming fans. Ringo finally makes it to Sydney and more screaming fans before heading down to Festival Hall for the Melbourne concert.

I Feel Fine
The Beatles arrive back in the UK; they release the song “I Feel Fine”. Ringo marries a local girl, Maureen Cox. The Beatles become influenced by music of Bob Dylan, and the studio album, “Rubber Soul” is born.

High Honours
The Beatles receive their MBE’s from the Queen. Roll out their 2nd movie “Help” with a matching soundtrack. The touring starts taking its toll on the Beatles.

European Tour
Beatlemania goes further abroad with a tour throughout Europe and then a very controversial trip to the Philippines. The Beatles return to the UK for the release of their new albums, “Revolver” and “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

Death and the Magical Mystery Tour
In June 1967, the Beatles make history again with the first live hook up for the program Our World broadcast from London to the world. They premier their new hit song “All you Need is Love”. The Beatle’s manager, Brian Epstein dies from an accidental overdose. The Beatles take a Magical Mystery Tour.

The Best Ever Album
The Beatles open the Apple Boutique, and answer the critics with an album considered to be their best album ever released, “The Beatles” (The White Album).

The Yellow Submarine
The song “Hey Jules” becomes “Hey Jude” to mend a broken heart. The Beatles get animated in the movie, Yellow Submarine and release the soundtrack for the movie.

Rooftop Farewell
Work begins on the Studio Album, “Abbey Road”. The Beatles say farewell for the last time on the roof of the Apple Building, and release their final studio album, “Let It Be”, and announce the split of the band.

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  1. the beatles songs is the story of our lives thru the years from primary school to high school and and onto our adult lives and every song was part of our lives growing up and even today when i listen with a different set of ears than from my youth the words take on a different meaning cause like they say there are places i remember all my life though some have changed places friends things sometimes for the better and sometimes not,but all a soul journey that never ends and family and friends long since departed are always remembered fondly and so many of there songs are a tribute to them as the beatles music will always connect us to those that have moved on as with all music born out of love should
    david carmichael cape town

  2. Was wondering if anyone can tell me what a 45 rpm vinyl record is worth that has the Okeh label and says radio station copy on it, and has the song “And I love her” -J. Lennon – P. McCartney – From the Okeh Album “New Vibrations” OKM 12114?

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