89.3FM 2GLF is Your Local Station for Liverpool & Fairfield broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The station broadcast a range of content from the local community.

Our programming focus is Liverpool & Fairfield with local information and music programming. We provide programming you will not find anywhere else.

Our programming has no target demographic, so whoever you are – there is something for you.

All our programs are produced by volunteers from the local community!

I want to broadcast a program on 89.3FM 2GLF?

Get involved and become part of the station.

Membership makes you part of the station, allowing you to take part in all the station activities and decision making processes.

You also have the opportunity to help out in other areas of the station from administration, sponsorship and technical operations. 

Get Broadcast Ready!

Our industry standard training course will give you all the tools to ensure that you can produce a high quality program and operate our studio equipment.

Training courses are held during the year and cover all aspects of broadcasting.

The station recognises prior experience and learning from other station or training courses you have completed.

For beginners, the full training course takes about three months with lessons held either on a weeknight or one day on the weekend.

We accept applications for programs all year round.

The quickest way to get your program on air is to fill a vacant timeslot or opt for an overnight shift. All our programs are streamed On-Demand, so your program is available to your audience after broadcast.

To make sure everyone gets a fair chance at the best timeslots, the Programming Grid is declared vacant at the start of each year and all program must reapply. The programming grid runs from the 1st Sunday of April each year.

Don’t forget, we also have a range of volunteer opportunities available at the station that don’t involve on air broadcasting.

Apply Today

New to 89.3FM 2GLF

Bring your great ideas for new content for Liverpool & Fairfield and we will provide you the training, support and guidance to get your idea and program on air!

Apply for Membership

Joining the station will give you access to our facilities and industry standard broadcast training.

Apply for Membership

Program Application

You have a great idea, the team together and passed the membership and training requirements. You are ready to apply and get your program On Air, Online and On Demand!

Apply for a Timeslot

Our quick and easy online application form helps our Programming team match your idea to the right timeslot.

Program Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation is a key to great radio!

You need to allocate time for research, getting interviews, promoting your program and putting your show on air.

Hours of work goes into each hour that is broadcast.

The station covers a wide range of costs for putting together a radio program including access to equipment, studios and broadcast facilities.

In return we charge fees for membership, training and access fees for broadcasting on 89.3FM. We aim to keep these fees as low as possible without impact the quality of the service.

Program makers may also incur incidental costs (e.g. specialised music CDs, research and travel costs) depending on the type of program. 

You should apply once you have completed the 89.3FM 2GLF training and when you are ready to broadcast.

We accept new program applications at any time. Our programming grid is reviewed at the start of each year.

Programs are allocated for 12 months start on the 1st Sunday in April. 

There is generally more availability at the start of each year, as we ask all program to reapply for their program.

At other times during the year, we will have some vacancies available for new programs.

We e-mail and update our Member’s Updates page online with the latest notifications about available timeslots and our annual program application process.