Decision Time: Funding

Glen Burns Members Updates

During the latter part of 2017, meetings were held to discuss the future funding of 2GLF now that grants do not cover operational expenses. Income to run the station has to come from somewhere. We have received limited income in the past six months.

Over many years, some shows have paid high program fees whilst others have paid nothing. Some other programs have received grants and paid addition fees to cover their airtime expenses.

Members were notified of the meetings and a number of members attended and gave their input into ways forward. Those who did not attend allowed others to put their perspective into the discussions.

The need for Access Fees to be paid by presenters for their programs is evident.

The input from these meetings has been collated and forms the 2GLF Access Fees Policy.

On Saturday 3rd February at 11am there will be a General Meeting of the Co-operative at the Hilda Davis Centre 185 Bigge St, Liverpool

At this meeting those present will be required to accept or reject the proposed Access Fees Policy.

The time for discussion has been extensive. The policy includes general consensus from those meetings. The board has taken all comments into consideration along with operational, compliance and fiscal requirements of the Co-operative to create the policy.

The board adopted the policy as a proposal to be considered by the membership as a fair, equitable and viable way forward.

Other ways of raising money e.g. fundraising and sponsorship have been explored in the last six months and would not provide for annual running costs.

The meeting should not be long as it involves a secret ballot and a count only.

Best Wishes,
Carol North-Samardzic