Programming Update – Holidays

Glen Burns Members Updates

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are not far away. We need to know what everyone is doing. The options are:

  1. Pre-record any programs that you are not able to do. You need to notify the office if you have a recording so that it can be played on the correct day.
    2. Find a fill in and notify the office of who is presenting and when the fill in will occur.
    3. Notify the office of any absences that programs are not covered so that other arrangements can be made.
    4. If no notification is made the Committee will assume that you will be producing your show as usual.

There have been instances in the past when presenters have just been absent from their show without notifying anyone.

We do not expect this to occur this year.

Pre recordings need to be made as soon as possible.

Book via the office email –

Signing In

Some presenters are not signing in when they arrive and leave. Please follow this workplace

requirement. Visitors and guests must also sign in and out.