Member’s Meeting & Have Your Say

Glen Burns Members Updates

Member’s Meeting

As promised at the Planning Day on 21st October 2017 we will meet with members to discuss possible funding measures highlighted at the Planning Day.

One was the possibility of all members paying a weekly access fee to broadcast their program. Others included increased activity by members to secure sponsorship and to fundraise.

There will be a meeting on Saturday 25th November 2017 at the Hilda Davis Centre (Where we held the Annual General Meeting and Members’ Meetings), 185 Bigge St Liverpool from 10.30pm to 3.00pm to discuss possible funding models.

We will also address other items from the Planning Day which was well attended.

All members are invited.  Decisions being made could affect you if you do not have your say.

Have Your Say: Planning Day Survey

For those attended the Planning Day and those that couldn’t make it, we are asking you to provide some input into the future of 2GLF into 2022 with an electronic survey.

It should take about ten minutes and will provide some more information to allow Steve Ahern (the facilitator) of the process and the board to identify key issues and idea from across all our stakeholders (members, listeners, sponsors and the wider community).

Click here to access the survey and help shape the future of 89.3FM 2GLF.