Upcoming Events & Chairman Update

Carol North-Samardzic Members Updates

Chairman Update

Dear Members,

Please let me take this opportunity to thank you all very sincerely for electing me as Chairman. I intend to take a hands-on role at 2GLF and this is reasonably easy due to my location and circumstances.


2GLF is a Community Radio Station run by its members, in that order. So If you feel that you have things that should be considered, please let me know in a simple, polite, respectful and friendly way.

I know that some members are unhappy or have unsettled matters and if it is reasonably possible I would like to resolve those matters in a simple and informal way without unnecessary fuss.

Please feel free to contact me personally and I will do my best to sort things out.

What is most important is we need to all work together as a team and forget about past differences.



Upcoming Bunnings BBQs

We will be holding several fundraising BBQ’s at Bunnings Hoxton Park & Crossroads over the next few months. We need your help to make the events successful. It is a great opportunity to connect with our community and raise funds for our station.

To contribute to our efforts, please e-mail chris.sparrow@893fm.com.au with your availability. The more hands make light work. While the BBQ’s run from 8am to 4pm, even a couple of hours will be appreciated.

We have secured the following dates:

Bunnings Hoxton Park:
Sunday 8th October 2017, Sunday 5th November 2017, Saturday 9th December 2017

Bunnings Crossroads:

Sunday 3rd December 2017

Save the Date – Other Events

More details will available shortly but please keep you calendars free.

October 14th
Police Awareness Day OB @ Fairfield

October 17th
2GLF Member’s Meeting – Including the election of the Programming Committee.

2GLF 2022
We have arranged a special guest and a special location on a Saturday afternoon in October (date to be confirmed shortly) to help facilitate the creation of our strategic plan for the next five years.

It will be great to get input from a wide cross section of our membership to help set our direction for the next five years.