Chairlady Update

Dorothy Rock Members Updates

Keeping you all in the loop as June quickly speeds towards July.

The AGM is coming up very soon. Have you considered how you can contribute to the wellbeing of the Co-Operative? Maybe you can volunteer to help raise funds; maybe you could organise a Progressive Dinner or a Trivia Night; maybe you have a great idea for raising funds. Please think about it. We need to hear your ideas.
There will be bottles of water and some Cadburys Chocolate FOR SALE in the Tea Room. The price is $1 per item. Honesty is essential. The proceeds go to the station and we need the funds.

Studios Update
Following prolonged negotiations the Board has been able to welcome one of the best and most sort-after technicians in radio land to come in to our Master Control Room and Studios to bring our Community Radio Station up to world standard. When Alan is finished you will all be absolutely delighted.

Of course, this also puts the onus on all of us to make sure that we do not “fiddle around the edges” and ruin any of his good work.

Did you notice how bright the lights are on the Lawo panels? This is a great relief for all of us; thank you Alan.

We are grateful that there were several responses to our request for expressions of interest for the Programming Committee. Rob Cutrie and Angelina Rossi drew the short straws!

Welcome back to both of you. We are sure you will be able to positively contribute to the group.

We had a visit from some Senior Citizens who had never previously been to a Radio Station. What a delightful group of people; so much enthusiasm; so many good questions. We hope that some of you will visit us again.

Thank You
Ian has been working on our behalf in the Control Room – lots of tidying of cables and rolling them into defined rolls – that takes more time than most of us realise! Also the roof tiles have been replaced. We don’t all get to see you on a regular basis, Ian, but we do thank you.

Pauline and Terry do a fantastic job every Thursday – they tidy up around the area, Terry vacuums the whole area and they remove the rubbish. We owe them a debt of gratitude BUT there is no excuse for people throwing cups and containers into the bin with fluids in them. You do not like garbage dribbling down your leg as you go down two floors to the garbage bin – SO – use the kitchen sink next door to empty vessels before they go in the bin.

– Thank you to all of our presenters, you have done well in remembering the code for the key holder. We look forward to a more permanent solution in the very near future. We really are working on it!
– In the interim and until further notice – You do not have permission to add files onto the Production and Simian machines. A lot of damage and frustration has been caused by this unsanctioned activity.
– A number of carts have been interfered with – leave them alone!
– 893fm is not an Internet Café, especially in the actual studios. Pop-ups from internet searches in the middle of a program do not lead to “Good Radio”.
– Recently, we have noticed that signs which have been put up around the Studios have been removed. Those signs were displayed for a reason. By Law we must display a sign telling the public that Security Cameras are in use in the area.
– “The 6 minute rule” does not include the News. Australia used to be the country of “A fair go mate!” Give your fellow presenters a fair chance to give their very best to their audience and their program.
– “NO food or drinks” in the studios is in keeping with “World’s best practice,” and applies to radio stations.
– Ian has been researching into suitable chairs for the studios. The funding has been approved, now the decision on suitability has to be made.
– Have you checked out our Facebook page lately? There are some interesting posts there.
– If you want program promos, please write out what you want to say and send it to Chris.
– Don’t forget the Survey. Please fill it in and encourage your friends who are listeners to help us by answering the questions. Your opinion really matters!

Dorothy Rook