Chairlady’s Report

Dorothy Rock Members Updates

May Day has come and gone! Just a short note to keep you in the loop.

On your behalf may I thank Carol for all of the time and energy she has expended in the training of our new program presenters. To be completely honest Clem and I are green with envy when we consider the fact that we walked into a blacked out studio at 6.00 am one Tuesday morning and had to put a program on after the late night shift had “re-invented the panel and several other items” to suit their requirements.

I am delighted to see that Carol has encouraged our latest trainees and made sure that they are READY for all eventualities. Mind you, the new trainees have appreciated the time and effort and they are doing a great job. Just listen in to them!

We do have a couple of vacancies which we hope to fill in the near future.

It was great to see Bob Browne back in the seat for CountryOn this week. Keep up the good work Bob.

Concern had been expressed about the likelihood of dust getting into the electrical equipment in the Control Room, but Ian has done a great job in minimising this by putting extra panels in the ceiling.