Blues Music’s Call To Arms, The Jam Scene In Sydney

Steve Likoski Interviews

In this interview, Shades Of Blue was ecstatic to have its microphones graced by the presence of three seasoned veterans of the Blues jams in Sydney; Stuart Back (a young buck eager to play live and develop his skills), Ray Falzon (a working man by day but ready to turn into a rock star by night) and the self described “Infamous” Jim Finn (full time recording artist and host of the Blues Jam nights).

Host Jimmy Gray got an inside look at the diversity, culture and structure of the Blues live jams from the man who runs them (Jim Finn) and two of his co-conspirators in trying to call young and old to give these open mic-esq jam nights a try.

As a bonus, the three men were more than happy to play a few tracks live in studio.

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Original broadcast: Sunday, April 23, 2017.