Chairlady Update – March 2017

Dorothy Rock Members Updates

When the founders of 2GLF initially saw the potential for our Community Radio, I like to think that they may have seen a full orchestra tuning up to play a really magnificent new piece of music – one that could startle the world and bring joy and harmony to the listeners in our area. The Conductor is poised to give his best. Each of the players is ready to give of their best; the listeners in radio land are ready to give their loyalty to this new local venture.

Travelling down the road for over 30 years, we have found some really high points fulfilling the dreams of the founders, but sometimes some of the players have not bothered to learn the tune. Some have failed to prepare their programs. Some have not kept in mind the lessons they have learned through training. Some have failed to see the benefits of keeping in time with the conductor or worse they have committed to a tune which would only bring disharmony and dissension which only leads to a cancerous disquiet within the whole group. We are all volunteers. We must be committed to the wellbeing of the station and the whole group.  There is no room for –‘I won’t work with him” or “did you hear the latest gossip about ….?”

Our Performance Hall may not be the physical size of the Opera House, yet our potential audience is larger. We could potentially have the world at our feet.

Every member of the orchestra is important and irreplaceable, as is each individual member of 893fm. We all have a part to play in the ultimate success of the Station. To play off key; to fail to prepare your program; to bicker among the “in-crowd” within your group; these all cause discord and must be rooted out.

We have a great studio; we have a great audience; we live in a great country where we can express ourselves through music and the spoken word freely.

As our membership comes due, can we all look upwards; our skies are beautiful and blue. When, with lack of hope we only look down at the pebbles and rocks in our way, we fail to achieve the greater good that is possible. Like the dandelion the wind can so easily blow all of our efforts into the vastness of the sky. Let each one of us determine that we will play the music to the best our ability.

It is the aim of the Directors and myself, with your help, to make 89.3fm 2GLF a harmonious and happy place where we all play our part for the benefit of our fellow members and the community, which we serve.


  • Have you seen Carol’s new chair? It was paid by a Grant for a Chair and, as you know, her computer which has been in use for several months. That chair really is very comfortable.
  • New locks on both the front door and the Master Control Room have been fitted to increase the security of our very valuable equipment.
  • The new Program Grid draft is now complete. Thank you to those who have been able to help. Some old programs and faces will be missing, but we are sure that you will enjoy the program as a whole.
  • We welcome Angelina back from her latest trip. We can’t wait for the photos.
  • We wish Bill Phillips all the best as he flies off to Hong Kong and then visits old haunts in China and Japan.
  • The next OB will be held at the Celebrations for the Assyrian Diaspora in Fairfield. We wish all of your members a prosperous and health full New Year.
  • Thanks Chris for the many hours (till 4am!) to fix that computer. Sorry Colleen, I’m sure he had roadmaps for eye sockets the next morning.
  • Thanks Ian for your work on the Macquarie News.
  • Welcome to all of the new trainees who have enthusiastically come along to the station. I am sure you will join me in thanking Carol for the many hours she has spent in the studio this week.
  • Congratulations to our presenters who have “tamed” the CD players in Studio 1. In the vernacular- “Way to Go!”

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