Board Update, Australia Day, CD Players

Glen Burns Members Microphone

Dorothy Rook was appointed Chair of the Co-operative at the Board Meeting held on the 14th January 2017. She expressed an interest in carrying out the role and she was eagerly endorsed by the Board. She comes highly qualified for the position

A message from Dorothy:

Board welcomes Steve Likoski and Chris Sparrow to fill the vacancies on the Board and we look forward to harmonious participation.

Applications for air-time are being sent out this week. It is your responsibility to fill in these forms as soon as possible.

We are fortunate to have a number of newly trained members who have ably temporarily filled-in most of the spaces for the last part of 2016.

A new training program will be starting soon for our new members. Maybe you feel you would like to brush up on a few points; I am sure our trainers would be only too happy to help you. Remember, your program is enhanced by your professionalism.

We have two brand new CD players in studio 1; don’t feel daunted by them.

Welcome back to Ninka – the Outback Granny, who will be able to fill-in for some of regular presenters if they have to take a short break.

The Christmas Season had fairly smooth running. Thanks to those who filled in over this time – you are our heroes.

We are delighted to have Law Partners as a Sponsor for another year and hope you all benefit from the news which is played on the hour.

It is a legal requirement that we all ALWAYS sign in and out in the Record of Attendance book.

Best wishes from both the Board and Members for Bob Browne and Ruth Robertson – get well soon, we need you.

Australia Day – join us at Woodward Park between 2 and 6pm; Special activities for children. Come along and promote your own show.

There will be a meeting at 10am on Saturday 21st January at the station for anyone willing to help with the event on Australia Day. We need to prepare the equipment and prepare materials to take to the event.