Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Glen Burns Members Updates

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Board takes this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our reflections on 2016 recall all the good things that have happened. Presenters have continued to give their energies to their programs and that is what we are about –reaching out to our listeners.. Thank you all.

A special thank you goes to the newly traineed members who have recently stepped up to the plate and have commenced their broadcasting career as fill-ins.

Early in 2017 we will be holding the planning sessions that we received a Community Broadcasting Foundation grant for.  The process will be conducted by an outside consultant.  The aim is to move the station forward. As most of you know funding structures are changing for community radio and we have to be prepared to listen and act in order to sustain our station.  It will not be easy.  Some will enbrace it, welcome it, whilst others may decide to walk away.

Enjoy your break, if you are taking one and have a refreshing holiday.

The office will be closed for business between 23rd December 2016 and 6th January 2017.  This is because most of the clients and companies we deal with have notified us that they will taking a break. This will give time to sort out the storage and do site visits for future Outside Broadcast venues.

Asset Security

Over the last 12 months a number of items have been removed from the station without permission and some members refuse to return the station’s equipment. In one instance we have discovered an item has been resold at a local second hand store.

Additionally, the station has received numerous threats to illegally remove the station’s security system which would compromise the security to our facility and access to the members.

We have reminded the members concerned this proposed conduct would be unacceptable. It goes without saying these actions are incredibly disappointing and against the interests of the community, members and the Co-operative.

We request all members keep an eye out for this conduct and report it immediately. If the crime is in progress call 000 and in all cases notify the office of the details so that we can follow up appropriately.

Queer Radio Sydney

After fifteen years on air supporting the LGBTQI community of Western Sydney, Queer Radio Sydney produced by Beverley Buttercup is signing off on 19th December.  Beverley has produced the show since 2011 and is not applying for the show in 2017. She is hoping that someone else will step up and create a new program for the LGBTQI community in 2017.

We wish Beverley all the best, thank her for the years of radio and hope there is a program to follow on from: The Out West and Proud Program, Lesbians on Air and Queer Radio Sydney.

Well done Beverley and Nikki Faccini, LayDee KinMee, Fifi Fo’Fum, Pandora Box and Jeremy Smith. A special thank you also goes to Gavin Prendergast (ACON) Ron Manser (G2G) and David Watson formerly from Mardi Gras. There have also been a number of special DJs that have visited 2GLF – Dj Justin Scott, Dj Victoria Anthony, Dj Ray Isaac, DJ Dome De Sousa, and DJ Anvi.