ON AIR our latest trainees & are you the mysterious 2GLF “Key Nicker”?

Glen Burns Members Microphone

Christmas Gathering

The array of foods made sure that everyone went home with full stomachs and a happy glow.  The belly dancing reserved for the end of the event meant that there was a great finale.

Talk around the table highlighted the reasons that people give their time to 2GLF. Radio tales were exchanged and it seems some days have a great deal of fun.  Wednesdays and Fridays topped the list with anecdotes.

Ninka joined us and it was terrific to see her decked out in her Christmas gear.  A cheer went up when she walked in.

The Mysterious Key Nicker

Most of us have left the key in the toilet at some stage – often when we dash in between songs.  Others have locked themselves out of the studio.  If it happens let someone know.  During the day we usually ask one of our neighbours if we can borrow their key to retrieve ours.  Sometimes neighbours ask for our help.

If you have a problem after hours ring Carol on 0421 640 755 and she will perform her abracadabra act.  If it happens into the evening you would be safe in using the key to the other toilet – some have commented how perfumed it is in the ladies.

Please try to return the keys to their rightful place.

Thank You

A thank you goes to Lang one of our newly trained members of the program Three Quirks and a Turk. He was our roving reporter for the Fairfield Uniting Church Trolley Run on Friday 2nd December. He came in for a briefing, was on time and promoted the event in a very professional way.

Speaking of New Trainees

Ollie Harvey is following up leads for his blues program on a Sunday evening, Sanjay on Thursday is preparing his two hours with his listeners very much in mind and Jake is up early on Monday mornings. Michael is on three mornings each week

A wave of change is lapping in the schedule.

The younger generation is the future of our station. Ben and Mark have been mentoring Ollie and he appreciates the help.