Traffic Log, Australia Day & Xmas Party!

Glen Burns Members Microphone

Christmas Gathering

WHEN: Saturday 3rd December 11am to 3pm.

WHERE: 14B Mill Road LIVERPOOL otherwise known as The Liverpool Community Centre.

WHAT: Just bring a plate of food and the desire to meet and greet


See you there!

The Traffic Log

There is a sad tale to be told about the traffic log which is the booklet that is put into both studios each week.

A kind person prepares the log each week. The CSAs and in house promos and sponsorships are placed on a daily sheet to be played in programs.  By preparing the sheet the guess work is taken out of what to play and more importantly our community obligations to inform listeners are met. Yes, we do have to inform about bowel cancer and fire safety.

Sponsorships are scheduled so that licence requirements of no more than five minutes in one hour (including tags) are also met.

If presenters stick to the traffic log we meet our obligations. Please do not play extra sponsorships.

Currently, we have people who follow the traffic log, play the required items and sign to say they have done so. THANK YOU.

Others appear to be ignoring the log for various reasons. Some play what they think they like, whilst others put certain CSAs into a log and play them each week even though they may be playing something outdated.  We have had Christmas promos play in April. Some presenters do follow the log, but do not sign to indicate they have.

Each week the logs are filed, but before that they are checked. If sponsorships are signed we can invoice the client.  If they are not signed we cannot get the money. The signed traffic log is proof we have fulfilled contracts.

Every presenter should be checking the log before they start their show.

Dorothy Rook is currently preparing the log and she has noted the number of items not signed off.  Macquarie News has a sponsorship attached and should be signed off.

Pens are supplied, but you would be amazed how they disappear.  They have been tied down, glued and we still have a ratio of 1 pen per hour. The best idea is to put one with your head-sets. The only pen that did not go for a walk was the Betty Boo pen with pink feathers. There are kind presenters who leave promotional pens – they walk, in fact jog out of the place.

Please attend to the traffic log each week.



In the Presenters’ agreement, that all on air presenters have signed, there is the requirement that presenters vacate the chair six minutes before the start of the next program.

This requirement gives the next presenter time to set up any additional sound sources he/she may wish to use, e.g. USB, Laptop.  Often fader/faders have to be assigned for those add-ons.  The person coming in also needs to prepare to play Macquarie News if that is a requirement of the traffic log for their program.

You should be saying your good-byes and getting out of the chair by six minutes to the hour. We have one or two presenters who stay in the chair until the last minute which means their colleague/s have to rush the start of their program. Fortunately, others plan their programs so that they have music playing for six minutes at the end of their program.


Christmas is still to come and 2GLF is already planning for Australia Day. The activity for the children is underway – Thanks to Don Pedro.  If you have any ideas for our stall or opportunities we could pursue please email We had a good response when we asked for give-aways for the Cabramatta Moon Festival.

We have had interesting items that have drawn a crowd.  Who will ever forget the year we were stampeded and we were only distributing banana chips.  Another station had the same response when they gave out one minute noodles.

Put Australia Day in your new diary.  It is always fun at Woodward Park.