Party, Faders, Carts and the Trolley Run

Carol North-Samardzic Members Microphone


We are asking you to bring a plate of food that represents your cultural background. Come along and meet your fellow members. Drinks will be provided.


After lengthy consideration Ben Hollist has decided not to take up the vacancy on the board. He too has work and business commitments that would prevent him from having enough time for the board role.

Some presenters know that Simian has recently had its moments of being frozen in time and being overcome by darkness. Ian Becker and Chris Sparrow have replaced the graphics card so Simian should be in the best of health.

The Faders
Often presenters enter the studio and the faders are not assigned to the sound source/s that they wish to use. If this has not happened before or not for a long time there is a tendency to get a bit flustered. Often it is when a presenter wants to use the telephone.

The solution is to select a fader that you will not be using and re-assign it to the function that you need. If you have not assigned for a long time (some learned to assign the panel in Macquarie St before the move to Bigge Street and may not have assigned since) ask Carol to come in and show you when you are at the station or send an email and someone will help you.

Re-fresher sessions take minutes or you might like to follow these instructions if you have lost your original notes.

To assign a source to a fader:
A. Make sure the fader you wish to assign is closed. (Down and off.)
B. Double click the green access button (it will become purple)
C. Turn the rotary control at the top. The name of the sources will show in the OLED display (dark square window) Turn the rotary control to the source you want e.g. TEL1, Laptop.
D. To assign the selected source press the Take button. The source is then assigned to the fader module as indicated by the name of the source at the bottom of the fader being assigned.
E. The access key will return to green and the keys and rotary control return to their default mode of operation.

There is a note on the panel desk reminding presenters how to put on CARTS (a selection of music which is ongoing and includes our branding) if the next presenter does not turn up. We still have people who just walk out. Within seconds of nothing happening with the panel, music begins to play from a back- up source at the transmitter hut in Elizabeth Drive. This back-up is for emergency purposes only and no presenter should be leaving the studio empty without putting on the CARTS or a back-up show if the next presenter has been in contact and requested your help.
If you walk into an empty studio and nothing is showing on the small monitor (where you check your levels) but you can hear music and do not know where it is coming from, it will be the emergency back-up music. Just put something through the panel, i.e. start your show, put on CARTS or play a CD and normal service will be resumed.

This does not apply to everyone as we have many who automatically load CARTS at the bottom of their logs, especially those who are the last presenter of the day.


The Assyrian Church of the East will be holding its radio-thon on 4th December 6pm to 11pm. There is a collection tin near the sign in book. If you would like to make a donation it will be very welcome. If we all put in some loose change it will go towards charitable works.

Trolley Run
The Uniting Church is holding its trolley run on Friday 2nd December 2016. Tom Murphy will be bringing us a shopping trolley. In past years we have donated goods to be used during the year to feed the homeless.

89.3 will be linking up with the event. If there is anyone attending who would like to be a roving reporter please email us.

Have an enjoyable time on air.