Members Microphone: Parking Changes, Meeting and Training

Steve Ventrella Members Microphone

Bigge Street Parking Changes

Council have advised that there are changes to Bigge Street parking with clearways introduce. For more information, refer to the Parking Changes update from council.


It is exciting to hear that our latest membership drive resulted in new recruits. After the first week of training Carol mentioned we have a “Great group of young trainees….great personalities and eager to get going on air!”

Members Only Meeting:

A Members Only Meeting has been booked for Monday 17th October.  6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

It is in everyone best interest to attend. To ensure we make the best use of our time, please email your agenda items to me. You can also call me on 0412 613 124

The Panel

The four faders to the left of the panel in Studio 1 should be left up at zero and not switched off.  There is no need to move, change or switch them off.  If you do it can cause grief that you do not need to know about or could possibly imagine.  There is even a note on the panel saying to not touch which some presenters ignore. Chris, Ian and Carol will explain why, if you want to know the reason they are to be left on and up.

Simian machine

Some people have switched the Simian machine from AUTO to ASSIST and left it on ASSIST.  This causes untold grief. If you know how to use SIMIAN properly you will be able to use it on AUTO as it is our automated system (You would not need to know about or use ASSIST)

The main point is if presenters do things they have been asked not to do it causes others unnecessary angst.

Congratulations to Ian Anderson and John Lysle

John and Lysle talked about 2GLF at the Lions Club of the City of Liverpool on Tuesday 13th September at The Liverpool RSL Club.  Lots of our members encourage the community to listen to 2GLF.  On Thursday 22nd September Carol will be talking to a Seniors Group encouraging them to listen or to become involved.

Thank you

We operate in studios that see about 60 or more people come and go during the week.  A huge thank you to the people who have been keeping the studios tidy.  It is helpful when everyone just washes their cups.

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