2GLF Training 2016

Carol North-Samardzic Members Updates

The second training course of the year is open to new and long term members. The course content will be as below.

The theory is held at Liverpool City Library over four Saturdays (in the room indicated below). The practical sessions are held at the 2GLF studios.

The cost is $50 ($3 per session plus $2 for certification). If you have been granted recognised prior learning (RPL) but need some panel training the charge will be $3 per session. The charge is to cover the hire of rooms and materials. Trainers are all volunteers with training skills.

Commencing Saturday 10th September 2016
PURPLE ROOM 10am to 3.00 pm
– Introduction to the course, radio sectors and where 2GLF fits into the overall broadcasting industry
– Presenting on air

Week 2 – Saturday 17th September 2016
SILVER ROOM 10am to 3.00 pm
– Writing for radio
– Planning a program

Week 3 – Saturday 24th September 2016
PURPLE ROOM 10am to 3.00 pm
– Interview
– Media Law

Week 4 – Saturday 8th October 2016
PURPLE ROOM 10am to 3.00 pm
– Media Law, Copyright
– Course round-up and applying for a program

Editing will be a session held at the studio and taken in small groups.

In addition you will be required to attend eight evening sessions (duration of 2 hours each) for panel training held at the studios. During the Saturday session on 10th September, the groups for panel training will be formed on the basis of the evening the trainee prefers/is available.

It may be possible to hold daytime panel training.

The content for those sessions will be:

Session 1 – An Introduction to the panel
Session 2 – Panel Operation (You will need your headphones and some CDs)
Session 3 – Microphone Technique
Session 4 – Recording a program segment
Session 5 – Introduction to Simian
Session 6 – Simian continued
Session 7 – Recording a 20 minute segment for air play
Session 8 – Review

If you wish to enrol or require more information please contact Carol North-Samardzic via the Office.