Elections, Membership & Radiothons

Glen Burns Members Updates

Federal Election

With the Federal Election days away, it is important all presenters are aware of their obligations under the station policy (which also includes our legal obligations as a Broadcaster).

– Blackout period starts on Wednesday
Presenters must not broadcast an election advertisement from the end of the Wednesday before the polling day until the close of the poll on polling day.
– Ensure your records are up to date
Presenters that have or will conduct interviews during the Election period should ensure Their records are up to date (refer to the policy for more details).

These should be submitted to the office@893fm.com.au from next week.

For more details on your obligations please refer to Policy posted on our website.


Most people have paid their membership of the Co-operative for the 2016-2017 year (1 st April 2016 to 31 st March 2017). This year most paid by direct deposit which saved queuing at the bank. Thank you for that.

Some have not paid their membership yet and a few of those have programs, thus putting their program/s at risk.

The Co-operative Rules allow you to remain as a non-financial member until 30 th June after which time you will be notified your membership has ceased. To re-enter involves re-application.

If you have not paid your membership and intend to, please pay as soon as possible.

If you do not intend to renew your membership please notify the office then we can cease sending station information.

Under the new Co-operatives Act we have the option to send Co-operative material via email. This saves those bulky packages you get at Annual General Meeting time.

Quite a few have already signed the permission letter allowing us to email the material. If you have not signed, ring Carol on 0421 640 755 and she will meet up with you. She has a list of those who have signed.

Radiothons Policy

There have been requests for radiothons in recent times. So that members understand the legal requirements of fundraising, a set of guidelines, to help anyone wishing to run a radiothon, has been posted on the website on our Policy page.

Details of any radiothons will be posted to members so that you will be able to support any fundraising being conducted by fellow members.