Liverpool girl announced as Save the Children Youth Ambassador

Glen Burns News

Lilly Lyons wanted to be a Save the Children Youth Ambassador because of the organisation’s strong connection to her family.

“My brother and sister are half Ethiopian, and my mother’s ex-partner would teach me all about famine and drought and how Save the Children helped his community and local orphanage when he was boy,” she said.

“Hearing the stories as a young girl taught me how lucky we are to live in Australia, and that the fortunate should always do their best to help the less fortunate.”

Lilly’s passion for helping others also stems from a shocking childhood experience of sexual assault by a family member. She is a strong advocate for sexual assault victims and people who’ve experienced homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Lilly also loves helping her local community. “I have started my own program in schools called ‘What’s Up Monitors’ where a child helps another child in need. It’s youth helping youth. Stopping bullying and helping kids who have been bullied is a serious issue, and this needs to be taken care of in Australia and all around the world.”

She is motivated by stories from her adopted father, who is from Sierra Leone. “Sadly we lost a few family members, who were children, due to Ebola and the lack of medical services available to young people.”

Lilly also hosts her own show for young people on local radio station 2GLF. “I think young people like myself can advocate with great results for more aid and services for such countries and the children that are suffering,” she said. “A young person’s voice can be so powerful. One person, one voice can make a difference.”

The Save the Children Youth Ambassadors represent the organisation as spokespeople on matters of youth empowerment and engagement. In July they will take part in a national summit of young people demanding political action, and in September will travel to Canberra to directly lobby Members of Parliament.

SOURCE: Save the Children