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Glen Burns Members Updates

Licence Renewal

Our current license expires in October and it is due for renewal. To obtain an extension for the next five years, we need to put in a license renewal application (also known as a B66 form).

To get a head start on the process, we will be holding a meeting next Saturday to start the planning for putting together the application. This time around (as we don’t have to move a radio station) we are opening the invitation to members to get involved in the process.

If you are keen to help out, get in touch with the office@893fm.com.au. You could help write a section, help with preparing the supporting documentation (business plans, policies, surveys) or just come along to learn what happens behind the scenes.

The meeting will be held at the Silver Room, Liverpool Library on Saturday May 28th from 10am – 3pm.

Program Vacancies

We currently have the following timeslots available to trained presenters:

Monday 9am – Noon
Wednesday 11pm – 1am
Thursday 9am – Noon
Thursday 10pm – Midnight
Friday 12pm – 2pm
Saturday 6am – 8am

Applications close Tuesday 14th June 2016 @ 5PM and should be e-mailed to office@893fm.com.au.

Click here
 for an application form.

The timeslot will be filled until the next allocation round. To help the Committee, if you are an existing program – also indicate if you intend to stop your existing program or are requesting additional airtime.

Requests for additional airtime are given a lower priority.

2GLF Programming Committee

CBX Online

For avid readers, the CBAA puts together the CBX Magazine. It contains interesting stories and news from across the sector.

To read a copy online, visit: https://www.cbaa.org.au/cbx-magazine