Are Community Radio Listeners More Tech Savvy & Smarter than Average?

Glen Burns News

The results are in and Community Radio listeners are much more tech savvy than the average Sydneysider. Listeners are demanding more than an old fashion radio transistor, they are wanting to listen to content at a time that suits them.

Over a four week period 71% of Community Radio listeners in Sydney accessed radio content using online streaming services compared to just 43% of all Sydneysiders.

Unlike other stations, 89.3FM 2GLF allows listeners to access any program broadcast in the last four weeks to streamed from our On Demand service on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Almost a million Sydneysiders are tuning into to their local stations each week. That is more than a quarter of the population according to the latest audience research produced by McNair Ingenuity Research.

Our sponsors are also benefiting from reaching hard to get audiences.

Community radio listeners are typically smarter than average, with 48% obtaining a university degree compared to just 43% of the general population. They are also more likely to be in full time work, a professional or business owner.  The majority of our listeners are within the 25-39 age group.

It is the content that can not be found anywhere else that continues to attract the audience. Most listeners indicated that local news and information is a reason for tuning into to their local station followed by specialist music and the support provided to local music and artists.

Check out the full fact sheet summarising they key findings from the research.

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