Payment Arrangements

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The board resolved at its October 2015 meeting to update our payment process to make it easier and more secure for members to make payments to the Co-operative.

Did you know, most members are making payments directly in to our bank account thus saving them time and money.

Direct Deposit
This is the best & most preferred payment method.

Each invoice issued by the station contains our BSB & account number and most importantly the invoice reference number that must be included within the transfer request (so we know who paid the money).

It is quick, easy & traceable. Your bank will issue an instant receipt.


Cash payments will no longer be accepted for invoices payments (including Membership Renewals) at the station.

The only option available for cash payments will be visiting your local Westpac branch. As Carol will testify, the queue is an amazing advertisement for online banking.

You will need to fill out a deposit slip with the information provided on the invoice and ensure that the teller includes the invoice reference number.


Old fashion cheque payments will still be accepted by either:
– Deposit directly at your local Westpac branch (follow the same instructions as cash)
– Post to PO Box 531, Liverpool NSW 1871
– Drop it into the letterbox for Unit 201 on the Ground level (next to the expensive drink vending machine).

Do not leave any cheques anywhere including leaving them in drawers, on desks or with anyone other than the postman. It is a sure fire way to get it lost or everyone confused.

Credit Card Payments
Are not accepted.

We reviewed the available options. However, we have taken the view the additional costs and administration far outweigh any benefits based on our current situation. To keep our costs to members low, we won’t be offering this payment option.

Any concerns or questions, please contact