Fairfield’s Cycleway Network

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Image source: Fairfield City Council

Image source: Fairfield City Council

Are you looking for bike paths in the area? Check out the bike path maps and information about bike and cycling groups in Fairfield.

The whole cycleway/shared path system across Fairfield City is approximately 90 kilometres in length.

There are three main regional routes east/west across the City:

  • Prospect Creek Shared Path connects to the Holroyd City network and Fairfield Town Centre and is approximately 5 kilometres in length.
  • Bay to Mountains (Orphan School Creek) Shared Path connects to Mirambeena Regional Park, Bankstown and to Prospect Reservoir, Blacktown and is approximately 20 kilometres in length. A minor shared path comes off the Bay to Mountains network in King Park, Wakeley and connects to Cowpasture Road via St Johns Park. This route is approximately 7 kilometres in length.
  • Cabramatta Creek Shared Path

There are three regional routes that travel north/south through the City:

  • Rail Trail Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to Prospect Creek, the Bay to Mountains shared path network and theCabramatta Creek shared path. It is approximately 7.5 kilometres in length.
  • T-Way Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to the Bay to Mountains and the St Johns Park shared path networks.
  • The Cowpasture Road Shared Path connects Elizabeth Drive to The Horsley Drive, which also links to the Bay to Mountains, St Johns Park and the T-Way networks. It is approximately 8 kilometres in length.

Circuit paths are also located in some of Council’s local parks, including Brenan and Springfield Parks.

Click here for the Fairfield City Local Government Area Cycleway Map