Hip Hop Artist Mau Power’s New Single Heralded as an Indigenous Anthem

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Image source: Rush Photography

Image source: Rush Photography

Mau Power is a hip hop artist who goes against the rap music stereotype. He doesn’t rap about guns and violence, but about the issues of his people and his generation.

Patrick Mau, or Maupower, had a great start in the entertainment business. When he was a boy, he used to go to many of Uncle Seaman Dan’s gigs, taking note of how his grandfather really ‘worked’ a crowd.

The latest single by Mau Power demonstrates everything that this impressive musician’s music is all about.

Titled Freedom, it features iconic Indigenous artist Archie Roach and is set to become an anthem for not only Indigenous Australia, but also anyone who acknowledges the importance of self-empowerment and freedom in today’s society.

The song represents a universal story of freedom from mental slavery. It is a ‘protest’ song that manages to embrace and welcome all listeners to walk with Uncle Archie and Mau Power on the road to unity.

A modern sound that resonates with an ancient soul, its inspirational lyrics create a want for a better future and a belief that it can and will be obtained.

It harks back to Mau Power’s heartland – Thursday Island – and his own journey into finding himself and establishing his music career.


Freedom is a song with a social conscience, and one with a message that crosses cultures, genres and generations. When music historians look back on the local scene, Freedom will be one of those songs that earmark a special time in Australian music.

Mr Power says music and storytelling is central to Torres Strait culture and, for him, it has become a form of therapy through storytelling.

“Our whole existence and stories and knowledge are told through music and dance so that’s been what I grew up in,” he said.

“It’s not just this art form that makes you feel good, it’s also a tool or a medium which you can have messages in or tell someone’s story with.”

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