Heart Week 3-9 May 2015

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The Heart Foundation’s annual memorial service is being held on Sunday 3 May at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney’s CBD.

This non-denominational service offers comfort to those who have lost a loved one to cardiovascular disease and all members of the community are invited.

Cardiovascular disease incorporates not only the heart but also includes stroke and blood vessel disease. It is one of Australia’s leading causes of death and disability.

“The memorial service is an important event on the Heart Foundation’s calendar and it also marks the start of Heart Week – the Heart Foundation’s national awareness week that provides us with the opportunity to shine a spotlight on issues related to heart health,” said Ms Kerry Doyle, Heart Foundation NSW Chief Executive.

“One person dies of cardiovascular disease in Australia every 12 minutes. There are an additional 3.7 million Australians living with long term cardiovascular disease. It is a disease that knows no barriers. It affects the young and the old, males and females and transcends every religious and cultural divide across the world.”

In order to reduce the toll that heart related diseases takes on the Australian community, the Heart Foundation leads the way in educating people about the importance of leading a heart healthy lifestyle; contributes to the development of clinical guidelines and resources used every day in surgeries and GP clinics around the country; and funds world-class research.

“It is our mission to lessen the death and suffering that cardiovascular disease causes millions of families in Australia,” Ms Doyle said.

This year the primary aim of Heart Week is to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity in preventing cardiovascular disease.

“Two out of three Australians aged 15 years and over are either sedentary or do very little exercise, and physical inactivity causes an estimated 14,000 deaths each year,” Ms Doyle said.

“This Heart Week, we are calling on all Australians to move more and sit less. The Heart Foundation recommends Australian adults get 30 minutes of physical activity a day.”