Fairfield Says No To Amalgamation

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At last nights council meeting, Fairfield Council voted unanimously to not amalgamate with Liverpool, as proposed by the State Government review panel.

This decision was taken given the clear opposition from our local community and the financial impacts on our city and residents.

The report identified our local communities views, through various surveys, including an independent poll.

Residents were 90% opposed to an amalgamation and local business were more than 80 percent opposed to an amalgamation of Fairfield.

The report also identified that Fairfield residents would not benefit from an amalgamation.
It found that Fairfield council will meet 7 out of 7 of the financial benchmarks if it stands alone, but only 1 out of 7 of the bench marks if it amalgamated with Liverpool.

In other words, if an amalgamation was to proceed, service levels would not be maintained and financially Fairfield Council would be worse off.

Our submission will now be lodged for assessment and it is hoped that the overwhelming view of local residents will be taken into account when the State Government makes a decision on our future.

Below are the charts from last nights report that identified the key issues and the time frame that the process will take until a final decision is made.

It also revealed 88 per cent of focus groups and 82 per cent of businesses agreed with residents. Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said there were three main reasons why the community did not support an amalgamation with Liverpool Council.

“They are concerned about an increase in rates and about an amalgamated area being too large to manage, as well as the associated concern about the possible decline in services,” he said.

“Those who took part in the survey said they were already happy with the council’s management/service provision and didn’t want to see it change.”

Mr Carbone said for businesses, the biggest concern was the potential change in investment in local infrastructure, the focus on local priorities and ability to participate in local decisions.

“I will be advocating for the best interest of our city and our residents, and I will not be supporting an amalgamation between Fairfield and Liverpool councils,” he said.