Mobile Mayoral Meeting Cancelled

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Image source: Liverpool Leader

Image source: Liverpool Leader

Liverpool Council has cancelled this weekend’s mobile mayoral office in Moorebank.

Liverpool Champion reported that the supporters of the campaign were planning on speaking with Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun to voice their concerns over the council’s recent decision to outsource some of its management services.

A council spokeswoman said another mobile office would be scheduled “in the near future”.

“The mayoral mobile office has been postponed due to the scheduled Anzac wreath-laying ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park which the mayor will be attending,” she said.

“What it will cost council in the long-run is so much more than other options that are more staff-friendly.

“As a ratepayer I have a right to be heard, and closing this event won’t take that away; we will find other events to make sure that we are heard.”

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Liverpool MP Paul Lynch also shared his concerns about the council’s decision to outsource some management services.

Mr Lynch believes that “privateers” have taken over Liverpool Council.

“Privatising the council’s customer services section will be bad for residents and bad for staff,” he said.

“It will be good for private providers and for those councillors who want to help the developers.”

Mr Lynch said it was concerning that the company, Propel Parnerships, could also run council libraries and child care.

“Where will this stop? The lack of adequate consultation by the council simply confirms the suspicions many of us have about this proposal.”

Throughout the controversy, Liverpool chief executive officer Carl Wulff has stood his ground, stressing the partnership would be beneficial to the council.

“The strategic services partnership, known as the Liverpool Services Alliance, will deliver improvements and increase productivity, whilst creating the right environment for Council to remain sustainable and competitive”, said Mr Carl Wullf.

Residents who are against the privatisation can sign a petition at Mr Lynch’s office.

His office is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm, and is at 100 Moore Street, Liverpool.