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Last month Liverpool Council staff took part in a number of stop-work rallies to highlight their concerns over the council’s proposal to outsource some of its management services.

The final bid to stop the council from outsourcing some of its management services was not successful. Councillors Ali Karnib, Geoff Shelton, Anne Stanley and Wendy Waller opposed the proposal but lost.

Liverpool Champion reported that Liverpool resident Melissa Coros addressed the council again at the public forum on Wednesday last week.

“As a ratepayer, I am very concerned that no community consultation took place,” Ms Coros said.

“The community is talking and they are talking about this . . . I am aware that a community campaign has been launched and if council does not want to listen to the community concerns — then the community will raise them elsewhere.”

She first spoke against the proposal at the extraordinary meeting held on March 24.

Throughout the controversy, Liverpool chief executive officer Carl Wulff has stood his ground, stressing the partnership would be beneficial to the council.

Liverpool Council chief executive officer Carl Wulff

Liverpool Council chief executive officer Carl Wulff

Council workers at the stop work rally

Council workers at the stop work rally

“The strategic services partnership, known as the Liverpool Services Alliance, will deliver improvements and increase productivity, whilst creating the right environment for Council to remain sustainable and competitive”, said Mr Carl Wullf.

“The Alliance will provide Customer Services, Rates, Records, Print Room and back office administration. This approach is cutting edge in NSW and is in keeping with Council’s Fit For the Future Agenda, however these kinds of arrangements are quite common throughout Local Government across Europe, Canada & USA, and have proved very successful”

“The establishment of the Liverpool Services Alliance, together with the creation of a bespoke Customer Services Centre on the ground floor, will demonstrate how Liverpool City Council is shaping up to enhance its service delivery across a broad range of services”

Local residents and council workers are concerned that no community consultation took place about the proposal. When asked to comment about this matter, Mr Wullf said that this procurement is an operational matter which does not require Community consultation. It is one of hundreds of procurement exercises Council undertakes on an annual basis.

“Council’s Delivery Plan which is developed in consultation with the Community states ‘Council will place customer satisfaction, innovation and best practice at the centre of its operations’. This model will significantly contribute to the outcomes under Direction 7 of the Plan, “Leading Proactive Council”, added Mr Wulff.

“Council undertook the initial service review at the beginning of August 2014, a report to Councillors was delivered in October 2014 and a subsequent Invitation to Tender issued in November 2014”.

Council workers and residents have launched a campaign to express their concerns.To get involved with the campaign, go on Facebook.