Programming Vacancies

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The Programming Committee has the following vacancies brought about due to Reno Agius relocating to Malta – Good Luck Reno! And an applicant not taking an allocated time in the new schedule.

Tuesday 9am to 11am
Thursday 9am to 12pm
Sunday 4pm to 5pm

Presenters wishing to apply for these times should email Carol at the office.

The Programming Committee will need an application form if you do not already have a time slot i.e. new show.

If you already have a time slot, you need to let us know if the above time slot will be in addition to your present show or whether it is a change of time (Swap.) If it is additional time you will need to outline for the Committee why you should be granted additional time.

Kind regards,
Carol North-Samardzic
Liverpool-Fairfield Community Radio
Co-operative Limited
PO Box 531 Liverpool NSW 1871
m: 0421 640 755