Courage To Care Touched Base In Liverpool Library

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Image source: Liverpool City Library

Image source: Liverpool City Library

“The smallest act of kindness makes a significant difference”

Some things in life are constant; unfortunately anti-discrimination is one of them. Cities, towns and communities across the globe are witnessing an increase of atrocious acts committed against individuals simply because they practice a different creed, culture or belief.

For this reason, understanding the past to ensure a more tolerant future is essential. The Courage
to Care exhibition does just that. Courage to Care, which returns to Liverpool in March, is a travelling exhibition and community outreach program.

It demonstrates that each person can make a difference in the creation of a peaceful society. This theme of tolerance and the power of individuals is a particularly poignant, contemporary message.

Courage to Care features Holocaust survivors’ personal stories of rescue as a basis of reflection on contemporary issues of racism and discrimination.

It highlights historical acts of courage to create an understanding of the roles of victim, perpetrator and bystander, enabling exhibition participants to reflect upon how everyone has the ability to make a difference.

The exhibition opened on 6 March at the Liverpool City Library, George St, Liverpool. Alongside the accounts of Holocaust survivors and historical objects displays, Courage to Care will also launch an interactive smartphone application, as well as additional programming initiatives.

Interview with Mr Andrew Havas: