Macquarie Mall Will Soon Be Vibrant

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The heart of Liverpool is to be transformed later this year, as part of Liverpool council’s Building Our New City plan.

Liverpool Champion reported that mayor Ned Mannoun said the council aimed to create a vibrant communal hub at the Macquarie Mall to accommodate the city’s rapid growth and to stimulate jobs and investment.

“Macquarie Mall is the heart of our city,” he said. “We want to create a high-quality city with a full range of business, government, retail, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities.”

Mr Mannoun said the mall and city centre would also be an active, safe place at nights and weekends.

“We’ll do this by upgrading the mall with physical infrastructure such as new paving, overhead lighting and street furniture to create an atmosphere that encourages night-time and weekend trading.

“I’m looking forward to cafes taking advantage of the upgrade by opening at night and creating a night-time economy. The catenary lighting system will be a stunning feature of the mall.

macquarie mall

“It’ll make it lighter and brighter and be a real drawcard for the city centre. My kids are looking forward to the new playground and water play area.”

Building is expected to be completed in mid 2016.

“Construction will begin around October this year, stop for Christmas trading, then resume in the new year,” Mr Mannoun said.

“We have $15 million set aside as part of the town improvement fund — a levy on businesses in the city centre — to pay for the revitalisation.

“Residents and businesses can find out more at buildingournew where they can view our fly-through, and on Liverpool Listens, our online community forum where they can comment on the plans.”