Ingham Institute Cancer Community Research Review Panel: Making The Patient At The Heart Of Cancer Research

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Dr Lois Holloway Image source: Sophie Cooley

Dr Lois Holloway
Image source: Sophie Cooley

The Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research is strengthening the involvement of cancer patients in both current and future cancer research programs at the inaugural Cancer Community Research Review Panel last December.

Cancer patients gathered at the Ingham Institute fpr a s,a;; group session filled iwth presentations from leading Ingham Institute cancer researchers including Dr Tara Roberts and Associate Professor Gary Liney and Dr Lois Holloway who head up the Institute’s flagship MRI-Linac cancer project.

The Event Convenor and Medical Physicist Dr Lois Holloway said “the event will act as a platform to introduce the Institute’s broad array of cancer research programs to the group of patients including MRI/Radiotherapy and novel Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) research”

It has the ability to identify single cancer cells in the blood to develop more personalised and targeted treatment programs for cancer patients. Another key area that will be highlighted is Psycho Oncology, which examines the psychological and psychosocial impacts of cancer.

“At the Ingham Institute, we are really focusing on putting patients at the forefront of our cancer research programs,” said Dr Holloway.

“Our Community Panel contains a mix of different patients that have undergone treatment as well as carers who play a focal role in the patient’s treatment and recovery process, helping us to get a very real picture of their health concerns and needs.”

“This approach really helps us as researchers to shape and build research programs that have the most relevance and need for Australian cancer patients,” said Dr Holloway.”

Dr Holloway said that the Panel will meet on a six month basis initially. The first event will include presentations plus an open forum for Panel members to ask questions and give Ingham Institute cancer researchers suggestions to make their projects more targeted to Australians affected by cancer.

Interview with Dr Lois Holloway: