Board Vacancy

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There currently exists, a vacancy on the board of the Liverpool-Fairfield Community Radio Co-operative Limited. Under the Rules of the Co-operative, the board has open to it, various options to fill casual vacancies.

A Casual Vacancy occurs where a director leaves the board and his/her position can be filled until the next Board election, held during the Annual General Meeting.

The Board has opted to call for “expressions of Interest” from any member of the Co-operative who feels they have what it takes to work with the other members of the Board and making a positive contribution toward the advancement of the Co-operative.

The successful Candidate should possess the following:

* The ability to work within a team.
* An understanding of, or genuine willingness to learn the Rules of the Co-operative, the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice and the Policies of the Co-operative.
* Be willing to attend regular Board Meetings – currently held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:30am
* Be willing to undertake and execute a portfolio and report to the board each month.
* Be able to make sound unbiased business-based decisions
* Being a part of the Board is a responsible position and all members of the board must conduct themselves in an impartial and responsible manner at all times.

Applicants must be a current and financial member of the Co-operative.

If you are interested please forward in writing, your expression of interest, detailing the skills and experience you would bring to the position. This should be sent to:

The Secretary
Liverpool-Fairfield Community Radio Co-operative Limited
PO Box 152
Liverpool NSW 1871

Applications close: 12th February, 2014