The Upcoming Holiday Period

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In the breakout room there is a whiteboard. Any program taking a break over the holiday period needs to write on the board:

1. The name of the program

2. The actual dates the presenters is not present e.g. if your program is on a Wednesday the actual Wednesdays and dates that you will not be present.

3. An email contact number.

If you have someone filling in for you state the name of the fill in person.

The Programming Committee is committed to improving transmission over the holiday period.
We play carts overnight; however, in the holiday period last year carts were played in the daytime for many programs. They were overused.

This year we would like to use fill in presenters or pre-recorded shows to maintain quality material for our audience.

We have noted that some presenters fail to show up at the last minute, and stop gap measures have to be used. This means it is too late to get fill in presenters. All programs should be preparing one or two generic programs to use in an emergency.

Some people have already indicated that they will not be available over Christmas. That is fine we just need to make arrangements that respect our loyal listeners.

The Programming Committee