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Come and join this years Weekend To End Cancers

Come and join this years Weekend To End Cancers

The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers® benefiting Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a Weekend you’ll never forget. It’s a Weekend to remember those lives we have lost to breast or gynaecologic cancer and a Weekend to celebrate the lives we are saving. This is a Weekend creating hope for every woman’s future.

Whether you’re a Survivor yourself, walking for a loved one, or walking for all women, it doesn’t matter. Be a part of the celebration on 8-9th November, 2014.

Since Lifehouse opened, more than 4,000 individual patients have walked through our doors. The money raised from the 2013 Weekend to End Women’s Cancers has directly supported each one of these patients and the families of those diagnosed with cancer.

All the participants, volunteers and supporters should know that their efforts have helped us to make life easier for cancer patients, by allowing us to deliver world class care in a state-of-the-art facility.

Interview with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Chief Executive Officer Eileen Hannagan:

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