Midnight Basketball Returns to Liverpool

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Hot on the trails of last season’s success, the popular Midnight Basketball will return to Liverpool on 17 October at the Michael Wenden Leisure and Aquatic Centre with workshops and recreational activities.

The eight-week tournament which is open to young people aged 12 to 18 years, will include a range of living skills workshop relevant to young people such as drug awareness, cyber safety, team building and job readiness, as well as safe recreational activities.

In keeping with the motto “No Workshop, No Jumpshot”, players must attend the compulsory workshops in order to play basketball.

These workshops enable relevant teen issues to be discussed from health and wellbeing, drugs and alcohol to important life skills like courtesy, respect, conflict resolution and financial literacy to a range of vital job readiness skills.

Image source: Liverpool Champion

Image source: Liverpool Champion

Chief Executive Officer of Midnight Basketball Australia, Tess White said the program is about much more than just sport.

“Midnight Basketball helps neighbourhoods support at-risk and marginalised teenagers, and the program truly transforms lives and helps break down barriers within communities,” she said.

“Players must attend the life-skills workshops we run each week in order to participate in the basketball competition. Building on essential life skills, these workshops deal with real and relevant issues for these youth, from health and wellbeing, substance abuse and anger control, to financial literacy and job readiness,” she said.


“The program brings together stakeholders including youth agencies, schools, police, local Chambers of Commerce, voluntary organisations, volunteers, parents and many others who work to build the foundations for a confident and resilient identity and promising future for their youth.”

The program, which has received great support from volunteers, police, local schools and TAFE, will run its next tournament until 5 December from 7:30pm to midnight.

Midnight Basketball is making a positive contribution in the lives of young people in the local community such as Liverpool. It is a great way that allows young people to get involved in the community and at the same time, it’s a fun experience for them.

Interview with the CEO of Midnight Basketball Australia Tess White:

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