Part 2: Out of the Darkness & Set free!

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Image source: Potters House Liverpool website

Image source: Potters House Liverpool website

“I am committed to supporting the students and the school community of Westfields Sports and Pendle Hill High as their Chaplain and Student Welfare Worker. Being their point of help in crisis and their encourager in times of misfortune, offering support in health, mental, social welfare and spirituality without discrimination of culture, race or religion” – Tony Hoang

The once drug dealing, gun trotting man now stands before a church full of Gods people and preaches the gospel.

The young Tony, son of Vietnamese refugees, grew up in poverty in the then drug capital of Australia, Cabramatta. Like many refugees from the Vietnam War, Tony’s parents’ hopes of a safe new home for their families were crushed by the heroin culture that overtook the lives of their children.

He is now a family man with a wife and four children, content with his life and his belief in his religion.

Tony Hoang is passionate about helping other young people understand that they dont have to go down the road he followed.

Through talks at high schools and community centres his goal is to reach the youth and warn them of the dangers of the life he led.

Part 2! Interview with Tony Hoang:

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