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Marco Selorio; Image source: Richard Kahotea

Marco Selorio; Image source: Richard Kahotea

MARCO SELORIO is the Australian Director of Hip-Hop International. He is the founder of HOOPDREAMZ and MAS Presents.

He has been promoting concerts, international dance competitions, basketball exhibitions, talent quests and comedy tours in Australia and South East Asia over the last ten years.

Selorio is widely recognized as one of the leading urban and hip hop dance promoters in the Southern Hemisphere. His passion for producing sporting and entertainment events is a reflection of both his personality and talents.

In 1999, he launched HOOPDREAMZ. The fledgling business started out as a basketball newsletter for NBL basketball club Sydney Kings, but soon transformed into an events company that organized club parties, basketball tournaments and small concerts.

The growth continued as Marco developed new dance events, including the globally renowned World Supremacy Battlegrounds and GROOVE competitions. He has produced major events across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore.

Marco toured legendary bands Blackstreet and All-4-One in 2009 and 2010. Over the last two years, he has branched out and started his own line of customized basketball gear.

“I love dance competitions because it makes the youth shine on stage”

– Marco Selorio

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