WOW Festival Huge Success!

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Organisers say the Way Out West Festival, now in its 4th fourth year, attracted about 9000 people, some even travelling from overseas for the event.

“We brought in people from all over Sydney and beyond – we even had a couple of people attend from Hong Kong,” festival co-ordinator Jacqueline Hornjik said.

“They’d heard about it and they booked while they were in Hong Kong.”

Liverpool Leader reported that other visitors hailed from around the state, from as far away as Orange and Dubbo.

The Powerhouse was packed to bursting point for the four-day event, which ran from Wednesday to Saturday.

Organisers worked steadily for months leading up to the eventfestival, which boasted a staggering amount of ­detail.

Children were given had a vista range of events, workshops and activities to choose from to keep entertained.

Highlights included the Tanabata storytelling, weaving and craft workshop while performances The Conductor and the Clown and The Listies Live kept children pealing with laughter.

The art chamber was kept filled with enough crafty material to keep children occupied for hours at a time, while the more interactive drumming workshop in the Tomb of Wonder catered to those more musically inclined.

“There’s just no reason for kids not to be experiencing a high-quality art event in this community and we’re setting a really high benchmark,” Ms Hornjik said.

“It was a phenomenal event, it was our biggest and I would say it was our best.”