LIMCO Provides A Fun Way For Kids To Play Using Upcycled Equipment

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Liza Lim a Cabramatta resident is a Champions of the West finalist in the manufacturing/innovation category as part of the Fair Go for the West campaign. Unfortunately she did not win the $10 000 grant but that won’t stop her from continuing what she started.

Lim set up LIMCO (Learn, Imagine, Make Believe) two months ago with the purpose of increasing the lack of communication and play among young children.

“My project encourages children to interact and socialise with another, which is rarely seen now due to the growth of technology,” said Ms Lim.

The idea of setting up LIMCO originated when she saw her cousins in Cambodia playing in the rice fields having fun and using their imagination. She hopes to create play furniture from recycled materials.

“With the equipment I hope to develop social skills amongst children that technology can perhaps provide but not essentially because you’re just engaging with what’s in front of you really”.

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