Beatlemania Goes National

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Beatlemaina is happening again and 2GLF is a part of it!

Beatlemania hit Australia back in 1964 and the amazing Bruce Crofts has put together a fantastic 13 part series we have aired over three Monday nights. It combines music from all 12 of the Fab Four’s albums with archive interviews, including a focus on the Australian tour, tales from the studio, news reports, and narration from Graham Rogers.

This week the Community Radio Network was blown away with the quality of the production and has selected the series for national distribution to other community station’s around the country, starting in July.

Even before the program went to air, other stations were keen to pick up the special.

Everyone should tune in next Monday night (June 23rd) for the final instalment at 8pm. You can catch the first two Monday Night segments from the On Demand section on the website.

You can check out the coverage of the special that featured in the Liverpool Leader and Joni’s has interviewed Bruce which is available on our website.

Bruce has spent countless long nights editing and meticulous research over the past year to put together three hours of the best radio you hear for a long time.

Well done Bruce!