Meeting for Presenters who have a Program in a Language other than English

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Presenters who broadcast a program in a language that is not English (Ethnic Programs) are required to attend a meeting at the Liverpool Community Centre 14B Mill Road Liverpool at 7 30pm on Wednesday 25th June 2014 at 7.30pm.

Each program presented in a non-English language, including those with religious content, need to have at least one representative present at the meeting.

The following items will be on the agenda.

1. Funding

2. Increased scrutiny for grant compliance by the CBF

3. 2014-2015 election of Ethnic Presenters Representative

4. Sponsorship

5. Training

6. Any other business

If for any reason your program cannot send a representative you will need to contact Carol on Some programs are supported by community organisations and we advise that you bring a representative from that organisation so that they are up to date with requirements.

Kind Regards,
Carol North-Samardzic