Refugee Students Tell Their Stories

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Image source: Treehouse Theatre

As part of this years’ Refugee Week, Liverpool City Council in collaboration with Tree of Life Theatre and STARTTS presents Treehouse Theatre’s Tree of Life: Journey through the Eyes of Refugee Children at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre last Thursday 12 June.

The theme for 2014 is “Restoring Hope”. The theme reminds us that, while a refugee’s journey begins with danger, it also begins with hope.

Liverpool Leader reported that the young refugees living in Liverpool proudly told their stories of strife and resilience through a stage show.

Refugees flee their homelands not only because they fear persecution, but also because they have hope: they hope to find freedom from persecution, and safety and security for themselves and their families; they hope to be given a chance to start a new life and recover from past trauma.

This performance tells the stories of young refugees from Iran, Iraq and Somalia – the fun, the tragedy, the terror and the humour!

Along the way, Treehouse Theatre has won wide acclaim and has performed to sellout audiences across Sydney.

“They feel very validated and special and proud that they get so much respect from the audience having survived so much difficult experience” said Maguire-Donvito.

Interview with the Director Catherine Maguire-Donvito:

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