Artist Spotlight: “hollow promise – casula”

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Gary Deirmendjian is an artist interested in the industrial elements that dicatet our lives, using sculpture and performance to challenge the audience.

On Saturday 7 June 2014 Casula Powerhouse Arts centre held a successful Smash and Grab event. As part of the current exhibition, Subject to Ruin, Smash and Grab was a public program that investigates destruction, renewal and disaster in the everyday society.

The day featured Deirmendjian’s “hollow promise – casula” artwork, where he used an excavator to crush a shipping a container.


“The serving shipping container holds bare the actualities of our ways…STUFF..owned and thrown..all now of equal value…unprejudiced worthlessness of cost and consequence.
Our anointed role as passive mass consumers in the name of global economics and the must of its growth, appears to have been coached, teased and ushered in ver slow, quiet and deliciously expert ways”.


Interview with artist Gary Deirmendjian:

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