Artist Spotlight: Erin Coates’ “Driving to the Centre of the Earth”

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Driving to the Centre of the Earth, 2012, silent video, modified monitor, latex, PVC pipe, paint, 6 minute loop, installed in a hole in the wall, 10 x 10 x 35 cm

Erin Coates Driving to the Centre of the Earth

ERIN COATES is one of the many brilliant artists who showcased her talent at the Subject to Ruin exhibition. She mostly works in video and installation and sometimes sculpture as well.

Coates is a big fan of science fiction. This can be seen through her work ‘Driving to the Centre of the Earth’. Her artwork is about her interest in science fiction as well as the way humans are pushing the limits of living in the planet.

Coates conflates this reality with Jules Verne style sci-fi underground travel; that straddle boundaries between practical everyday needs, car culture, and the call to live sustainably.

“I can’t not make art, it’s who I am. It’s a wonderful lens seeing the world when making art. It’s a real adventure for me to make art. Making art is a collaborative communal experience. I really like the camaraderie and adventure that comes a long in making art,” said Coates.

“Driving to the Centre of the Earth is Erin Coates’ silent, cinema-style video place at the bottom of a shaft penetrating a wall. We see Coates from behind while she nonchalantly and speciously drives through a corporeal-like tunnel to the core of our planet. Driving her car through Earth’s stratified evolution is a reminder that Perth’s commuters are highly reliant on car travel and represent one of the world’s biggest per capita energy consumers.”

Nien Schwarz, Art Monthly Sept 2013

Interview with Erin Coates:

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