Blast From the Past – Celebrate Beatlemania!

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2GLF Presenter Bruce Crofts

2GLF Presenter Bruce Crofts

It’s been 50 years since the English rock band ‘The Beatles’ swept the country. The eruption of Beatlemania in Australia was more intense than anywhere in the world.

In 1964 for thirteen days the nation was held in excitement, captivated by the talent, the charms, and the songs of the Beatles in their concert.

To commemorate the anniversary of the arrival of the band, 2GLF presenter Bruce Crofts has produced a radio documentary. For 13 days in June 1964 the Beatles toured Australia.

“The moment from touchdown Beatlemania swept the land, and just reached unparalleled intensity,” Mr Crofts said.

“The baby boomers of the day were trying to claim something of their own, and wanted social change, and it certainly happened with the Beatles and their music when they came here.”

Liverpool Leader reported that the band recorded 12 studio albums from 1963-1970 and the documentary will include commentary from the band members. Mr Crofts took six months to put together the documentary.

The documentary will also be available at 2GLF’s website.

Interview with Bruce Crofts:

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