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Sorry Day Liverpool Image source: Liverpool Champion

Sorry Day Liverpool
Image source: Liverpool Champion

Liverpool Champion reported that AUNTY Norma Shelley represented the Darug people at the Liverpool Council’s Sorry Day event, on Monday. The 85-year-old elder gave the Welcome to Country on behalf of local Aboriginal communities and acknowledged the traditional land owners. Aunty Norma has lived in Liverpool for 36 years.

Origins Australia Co-ordinator Lily Arthur believes that it is important to hold this event to remember the Stolen Generation in Australia.

“It’s important to remember the past in order not to repeat it in the future. People haven’t learnt the lessons of the past. People suffer great trauma and tragedy by being removed from their family and culture” said Lily Arthur.
The Stolen Generation is the name given to Indigenous Australians who underwent trauma when they were removed from their families and culture.

“The child doesn’t understand why they’re being removed. They see the removal process as a punishment that they were to blame for being removed. No one interprets to the child why they’re being removed” said Arthur.

Interview with Lily Arthur:

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