Volunteer’s Week 2014

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Sometimes we all take the things we love for granted and forget the effort it takes to keep something functioning smoothly. With this in mind, I want to take a moment of your time to thank each and every one of you for the time you give day in and day out, to make our organization a successful and vibrant community radio station.

If you stop and think about it, without the combined efforts each of you make toward 2GLF, it would certainly not be the place it is. For over 30 years, many volunteers just like you, have put their time and energy into keeping 2GLF alive. In my time with the station I have been privileged to meet so many people of all ages who have come along to the station and asked “What can I do to help?” Some have stayed a short time and some have stayed a lot longer. Regardless, each and every one of them has contributed something toward the success of 2GLF.

It does not matter what or how much any individual has done, but what does matter is this; together we have all built up a Community Radio station that is highly regarded amongst our peers right around the country. You can all be very proud of this.

Community radio stations are very fluid organizations and we are indeed blessed to possess so many talented volunteers who happily share something with everyone who walks through our door. I have said many times that none of us own this radio station. We all are simply temporary custodians who will hopefully pass on a better place when we leave, than the one we found when we joined.

2GLF definitely punches well above its weight – I have absolutely no doubt about this. The many milestones we have reached throughout our existence are testament to that – and all because of the efforts of volunteers!

Possibly, the proudest moment for me – apart from buying our own premises, was looking back and admiring how we all pulled together to build the office and studios. Something that each and everyone one of you can be proud of. I am sure each of you can recall a special moment at 2GLF and maybe you could share it through our Facebook page – I would love to read about it.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your energy and thank you for your passion. I know I also speak for everyone on the Board of Directors because they too appreciate what everyone contributes toward 2GLF. If you ever feel you would like to contribute more, always feel free to ask.

Thank you

Ian Becker