2015 National Youth Week Theme!

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Source: National Youth Week website

Source: National Youth Week website

The largest celebration of young people all around Australia is none other than National Youth Week (NYW). Young people aged 12 – 15 from all parts of Australia get involved and gather together to celebrate NYW every year. Although NYW 2014 has ended, young people should all be excited and pumped about the awesome plans for NYW 2015.

NYW 2014 was awesome! But now planning for next years’ event has started. First step is to select a new theme. Everyone is welcome to think of a new theme for NYW 2015, this can be done by completing a survey. Get in quick, because voting closes on Sunday 25 May 2014.

I caught up with a National Youth Week young member from NSW Kayla Lochner:

      1. 0605KaylaL - 0605KaylaL